YMCA Program

The fall/winter session will start on October 23, 2017 and run till April 20, 2018. Practice will be help MWF from 5:15-6:45AM. Registration is continuing. The cost is $180  for members and $270 for non-members. Fees are prorated based for those join after the start date,

The goal of the season will be to improve technique as well as conditioning. The first six weeks of the season will be spent concentrating on freestyle and then we will move onto stroke technique. During this time, workouts will be aimed at improving basic aerobic endurance. Once the stroke basics are perfected, we will start incorporating anaerobic and sprint training.

Sage YMCA Masters are now officially registered as an USMS workout group under the umbrella of Illinois Masters. All USMS registered swimmers will be able to compete in any USMS sanctioned meet including  the St. Charles Superbowl Meet and the Wisconsin State Meet held in Brown Deer, WI. In addition, all YMCA members are eligible to compete in the YMCA Masters National Meet in Ft. Lauderdale, FL which will be held late April. More information yo follow.

The Sage YMCA is located at 701 Manor Road, Crystal Lake, IL



  1. The workout for the last day of practice is the same workout as the first day of practice with an added bonus if you finish early. Congratulations! You have come a long way since day 1.


    • Apparently, the masters program isn’t in the registration computer yet. I was told that you will be able to register on Monday, Sept. 11, but I might try later in the week. I do not know if this means that registration will be available online or not. You may have to phone it it.


  2. Me and your workout buddy are interested in finding a masters swim program in the morning. It sounds like Sage may be an option. We both have been swimming a while and don’t want to join a program that is too remedial. Does the program work with multi levels?


    • The first 8 weeks of the program review technique in all of the strokes extensively. If you are looking for more fitness-based workouts, I might suggest joining in December at a pro-rated price. That way you won’t waste your time with the excessive drills. I like to start each season with the review to fix technique issues so that when we load up on yardage, the risk of injury is lessened. Once the strokes have been reviewed, swimmers are placed in lanes that workouts are custom written to challenge them. The main differences are number of repetitions, distance of repetitions, intervals, and overall yardage. Everyone participates in routine 400 for time, Wednesday 100 repeats in January and February, and USRPT in March and April.
      You can check out old workouts from October 2016 on the website to see if you would be wasting your time or not. I usually post the “fast” lane workout. The workouts for the other lanes are lesser in distance and greater in intervals. Let me know if you have any more questions.


  3. Hi! I looked for an email address to ask a couple questions before registering, but was unable to find one. I’d like to sign up, but want to make sure that, being woefully out-of-swim-shape and having 14 years passed since I swam in high school, it’s okay if it takes me a bit to catch up to the other swimmers. I’m more than willing to put in the effort, but I know I’m going to struggle, at the very least, in the beginning. Is that okay? Or do you have a recommendation for a different group if you think it will just be too difficult? Thank you!


    • Workouts are based on your current ability. I write 4 different workouts each day for 4 different lanes. We have beginner swimmers as well as seasoned swimmers. You will grouped in a lane that you feel most comfortable and can handle the intervals. The first 8 weeks are more technique based than fitness based, so you will have time to get your groove back. The fact that you swam in high school, puts you ahead of about half the swimmers already.


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